Shannon engineers and manufactures removable and reusable thermal and blanket insulation.
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Manufacturer of SHANNON removable and reusable BLANKET INSULATION

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Thermal Blanket Insulation for the Process Industries

Removable, reusable protective jacket the insulation solution
to problem insulation areas on all types of steam process equipment. The removable, reusable features of SHANNON insulation blankets drastically lower operation costs, shorten down time, save valuable energy, improve the work environment and reduce labor costs associated with installation, removal, and reinstallation. a custom designed, self-contained insulation system
This means quality construction for specific application needs, quality designs retrofitted to field conditions and design features which make SHANNON insulation blankets user-friendly to the field mechanic.

...utilizes CAD technology
for maximum design accuracy. Through years of information gathering, standardized designs as well as custom designs are possible for all types of equipment. Our CAD file base includes standardized designs on gate valves, condensate pumps, pressure reducing valves, slip and bellows expansion joints, vall joints, strainers and steam traps. Even the most difficult geometric surfaces such as steam turbines can be engineered for blanket treatment. self-contained insulation system
constructed of a high density insulation filler with a fully encapsulated outer jacketing. The outer jacketing is double sewn and bound at the closing seams. The jacketing and sewn construction ensure long lasting protection to the insulation filler.

...can withstand extreme conditions
such as steam tunnels and manholes. High chloride environments with high humidity and possible flooding have little or no effect on specific blanket designs. SHANNON offers a wide range of specialty designs to accommodate these extreme conditions.

...comes equipped with all necessary fastening hardware.
The fasteners are an integral part of the blanket design and become the dominant feature in making installs and removals quick and easy. All metal hardware is stainless steel for added strength and durability. Velcro can be sewn into both the belting system as well as to the outer jacketing flap.

  • CAD/CNC produced for exact fit and finish
  • Standard & custom designs (4 million CAD files to choose from!)
  • Self-contained insulation system
  • Integral fastener hardware (specifically designed for each service condition)
  • Integral I.D. metal embossed tagging with ERP driven part number identification.
  • Double sewn construction with bond edging.
  • Stainless steel durable hardware
  • High density fiberglass needled mat (11# CF)
  • High density (USA Made) PTFE fabrics


  • Easy on & easy off within minutes
  • Properly fits and matches the surface condition with high accuracy
  • High quality durable construction
  • Is truly "REMOVABLE & REUSABLE" (remember...all insulation is removable)
  • Designed specific for the process condition for a 15-year service
  • 18-month warranty
  • Guarantee fit
Distillation column head, flanges & piping
Customer: Distillery – Puerto Rico
Blanket Design: LT450TT – 1.5-inch thickness
Fastener: Stainless steel wiretwists & Velcro flaps
Application: HP steam supply valves, heat exchanger & condensate
Customer: Food processing plant - Indiana
Blanket Design:
(Food Grade) LT500LFP – 1.5-inch Thickness
Fastener: 1.5-inch side release buckles strap (heat sealed)
Application: Steam supply control valve assembly
Customer: Refinery - Kentucky
Blanket Design: LT450TT – 1.5-inch thickness
(Blue Pigmented Fabric)
Fastener: 1.5-inch “D” ring strap w/Velcro tabs
Application: Commercial baking oven
Customer: Food processing plant - Texas
Blanket Design:
(Food Grade) LT500LFP, 1.5-inch thickness
Fastener: 4” wide “D” ring straps (Quick Release)
Application: Centrifugal process pumps & valves
Customer: Distillery – Puerto Rico
Blanket Design: LT450TT – 1.5-inch thickness
Fastener: Stainless steel wiretwists & Velcro flaps
Application: Safety relieve valve steam header
Customer: Paper & pulp mill
Blanket Design: LT450TT – 1.5-inch thickness
Fastener: 1.5-inch “D” ring strap & Velcro tabs
Application: 36-inch dia. shell tube heat exchanger
Customer: Chemical plant, process equipment
Blanket Design: LT450TT, 1.5-inch thickness
(white pigmented fabric)
Fastener: Stainless steel wiretwists & Velcro flaps
Application: 4-inch 300-lb. gate valve
Customer: Refinery - high pressure steam supply
Blanket Design: LT450TT, 1.5-inch thickness
Fastener: 1.5 inch side release buckles strap